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How To Greatly Improve Your 2021 Facebook Video Stats

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Socialinsider. As always, all opinions are my own.

We all know that video content does well on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. We also know people love watching videos on their mobile devices! How-to, educational, silly, funny, scary videos and so much more. Entertainment plays a huge factor in video watch time.

What about Facebook and videos? How does Facebook stack up against these video platforms?

In this article, I give you my thoughts on a recent study done by my friends at Socialinsider. “What 3,977,410 Video Posts Tell Us About Facebook Video Strategy In 2021

Facebook Video Case Study

During a recent Facebook video study, Socialinsider found some very interesting data. They've asked me to go over some of the key findings of their study. Let's go and look at their Facebook video study to improve your video strategy in 2021.

Socialinsider's recent study of Facebook video is insightful and very fun, and I'm so excited that they asked me to talk to you about their study. The first thing that you might have guessed, a key takeaway from the study, is that vertical video does really well. [To know what I mean, watch the video below!] When I create a vertical video, I use my phone, and you know what? I feel closer and more connected to my audience. I am much closer to the camera, I am actually talking one-on-one, or so it feels, right into the camera lens. I really feel much more connected to those I am talking to! Now, it would be quite different if I was further away from the lens. If I were to turn my camera, you would see more of the background, but because I have my camera trained on me much closer, I feel like I can have a more intimate bond with those who watch my videos, like my family and friends, fans and online community.

I do think that this is what's happening on Facebook. Facebook vertical video is THE thing, y'all. You heard it here and from Socialinsider! You need to go and try it. It really brings much more engagement, and that's certainly what you want if you're posting these videos organically.

Let's talk about some other key findings that came out of this study. If you are doing live videos, try live vertical, which gives you a double whammy. The other thing to remember is that if you're doing live video then you might want to go live for at least an hour. Engagement goes up significantly when you do lives that are longer than an hour. Now, if you're doing pre-recorded videos, your ideal length is between two and five minutes.

The other interesting finding is that, different from what it would be on say YouTube or LinkedIn, the descriptions for Facebook videos should be short, super short in fact, less than 10 words. The study found that when the length of the titles, the descriptions, are longer, people don't read them, but also people don't click through. Think about 10 words or less, how you can motivate somebody to watch your video, call to actions, “watch this now”, use some power words, use some things that make people click and then watch your video. The overall click through rate on video content is better than any other content in Facebook. Video outperforms copy, carousels, images, so if you want click through rates, start creating video.

That's the study. You can find it here. Go read it, download it, use it, use this strategy, use these findings in this study to update your strategy for the rest of 2021. If you start creating vertical videos, and you see some positive engagement and you have some positive feedback, I would love to know about it and I am sure Socialinsider would love to as well. Go read the study right now, Facebook Video Strategy, Facebook Video by Sociainsider.

Testing Out Vertical Video!

I also created a vertical video to go with this case study! Since it would be shared on other platforms, not just Facebook, I created a sort of hybrid video style. Check it out for yourself!

Did you feel more connected to me as I was closer to the camera? Did you feel I was speaking to you directly, without a distracting background? Have you ever tried vertical video on Facebook and I don’t mean in stories!?

Parting Words About The Future of Facebook Video

Facebook and video are a powerful combination!

But, things will change in the future, as they always do in social media.

Stay up to date on trends. Follow the leaders in the industry. Read case studies like this one from Socialinsider.

Adjust what you are doing, pivot your strategy to align with new features, new findings and new data! Never stop testing. Never stop learning. Never stop experimenting!


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