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As a full-time mother, Dorien started small, managing the social media pages of small businesses in the Grand Strand, focusing on creating content and posting it on social media. Over the years, she has picked up a vast knowledge on many subjects, such as business strategy, content organization/creation, Agile, and public speaking. Public speaking is a passion project for Dorien, as she loves sharing what she has learned over the years to budding social media managers and strategists. Accomplishing all of this without a college education and without English as her first language, Dorien has seen many roadblocks. Instead of seeing them as roadblocks, however, she sees them as opportunities to learn, which then become opportunities to share what she has learned through speaking.


Our Mission is to share knowledge, experience and success. Through strategies, content management, and public speaking, we aim to spread the Agile mindset as far as we can, in an Agile way.


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