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3 Unique Facebook LIVE Uses To Grow Your Business

Have You Tried Using Facebook Live Yet?

As a business owner, it is important to create your own branded content to share on social media! There are many different types of content, including written content, images, photographs and video content and there are many ways to create content.

As an example, this blog is written content for my More In Media brand. The images I upload are pieces of branded visual content and the video you'll see posted below is an example of branded video content.

Facebook LIVE is an easy and quick way to create branded content for your business!

How Can You Use Facebook LIVE To Grow Your Business?

There are many ways you can use Facebook LIVE to grow your business. First and foremost, getting yourself as a business owner in front of the camera is a great way to grow brand recognition and to build trust within your online communities (Facebook Groups, Your Facebook Page, Instagram, Google Plus Groups, LinkedIn Groups etc.)

By being in front of the camera, people will start to recognize you as the expert, and as the face of the brand. But don't stop there.

Here Are 3 Unique Ways You Can Use Facebook LIVE Right Now To Grow Your Business!

1) Use Facebook LIVE To Capture an Event You Attend

This could be a charity event, a conference, an award ceremony, a workshop you are speaking at, or a local networking meeting. Highlight other people your business mingles with or interview someone, get a testimonial from them or just show how you are connected with others in your same industry or locally. By going LIVE (instead of recording a video and posting it later) you can include your audience in the questions, and give them what they are looking for by interacting with them while you broadcast!

2) Use Facebook LIVE To Give a Behind the Scenes Tour of Your Workspace

Whether you have a showroom, a retail space, a home office or a large factory, people who follow your brand want to know more - by giving a LIVE behind the scenes tour you can also answer questions and react to those as they come up and show mre of what your audience wants to see. This builds trust and familiarity!

3) Use Facebook LIVE To Crowdsource (an article, a project, a book!)

Crowdsourcing is

"obtain (information or input into a particular task or project) by enlisting the services of a number of people, either paid or unpaid, typically via the Internet."

I am currently working on writing a book about video marketing and I have started a weekly Facebook LIVE show to crowdsource information to finish the book! Watch the video below of my FIRST crowdsourcing Facebook LIVE event - I'll be going LIVE every Monday at 2 PM (EST) until my book is published!

To learn more about this NEW PROJECT, read this Google Doc I created - which has the book idea and the outline for the first few chapters only on it!

To get notified via email of each Facebook LIVE event, join my list here.

I have promised - and I will keep my word - that everyone who helps me with this book via crowdsourcing; by providing case studies, answering questions, sharing my Facebook LIVE and attending the events, will get a FREE copy of the book once it's published!

Join me next Monday for the first segment/my first chapter where I will give examples of types of marketing videos and where you can help me by providing ideas and case studies and feedback!

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