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Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads? How to find out which one performs better!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Socialinsider. As always, all opinions are my own.

I am back with another Socialinsider study. If you remember back in August, I did a vertical video about vertical video, right?

Live video is still growing on Facebook specifically, and live vertical video is really where it's at. This amazing study with Socialinsider gave us great key takeaways for us to know that.

So today, we're going to talk about recent study done by my friends at Socialinsider. “Facebook Ads vs Instagram Ads; A Case Study” and look into what kind of social media ads generate the best results.

Know Where to Spend Your Ad Dollars and Budget Accordingly

Why is this important to know what ads perform best? I'm an organic specialist, so I rely on other specialists... those are paid marketing Facebook advertisers... to help me understand where to spend my client's budget. Right? So I rely on a company like Socialinsider to give me this information.

I also created a vertical video to go with this case study! Since it would be shared on other platforms, not just Facebook, I created a sort of hybrid video style. Check it out for yourself!

New Socialinsider Case Study

Their case studies are really in-depth. As you can see right here on the screen, they looked at 137,228 paid social posts to get this information, and to get this to you in this case study. So today, I'm going to go over the key findings in this study, and then I'm going to give you the link so you can go read more in-depth.

The most important thing that I want you to remember is that with these findings, you can look at each client that you have in your portfolio, and each budget that you have, and then make decisions based on this information, on this data that they've collected, so that you can be frugal. You can spend your client's money in the right spots to get the best results. That's really what this study is for.

The Key Points of This Facebook Ads vs. Instagram Ads CasE Study

I'm really excited. I'm going to go navigate to Socialinsider so I can show you these key points. Come on with me. Right here, Facebook ads versus Instagram ads, which one performs better? Well, it's going to depend on a lot of different things.

Here are the key insights that I want to share with you. Year-over-year ad spend in 2021, brands invest 7% more money on Facebook, and they've invested more than 8% percent on Instagram. That's good to know, people are still spending more money on these platforms, right?

The cost-per-click value is 49 cents for Facebook ads. It's over a dollar on Instagram, on average. That does not mean you should put all your money on Facebook and none of it on Instagram. Again, this depends on what your client's objectives, goals are for their growth, their strategy. Where is their audience? If they're on Instagram, you still want to run these Instagram ads.

We're going to get a little bit more into detail next about where to run those ads, because ad placement is really important, right? So let's look at Facebook, which has the highest click-through rate of 3% compared to Instagram, which is really pretty low, 0.68. But it makes sense because Instagram posts do not have links. Where are the links on Instagram? You know the answer, we're going to get to that in just a second, right?

On Instagram, the feed is the ad placements most brands orient their budget into. However, should they? I don't know. Instagram Stories, if we look at five of the ad placements where the highest click-through rate is, on Instagram. So now, if you put all of these data points together that Socialinsider gathered, is the click-through rate on Instagram is pretty low. However, it's highest in Stories. Most people are placing their ads in the feed. Maybe you should be experimenting and putting some ads on these Stories. That's what I take away from this.

I hope that's something that you can see as you're reading this study, right? The Facebook feed is also the number one ad placement that brands invest in. But remember, in that August study that Socialinsider did, it came out that vertical video is doing really well, and live videos are doing really well. So maybe you should look at video as a place to put some money. That's actually right here, what they find right here at the end.

Setting Your Own Ads Budget Includes Leaving Room to Test!

Let me see. Oh, I jumped all the way to the bottom. They actually go in all these details for you. Actually, I'm just showing this to you right now. Right here in number eight, Facebook's feed has the highest click-through rate, 4%, 4.7%, followed by Facebook video feed, right? So video is really important.

So if you are struggling with ads for clients or you are just putting together a brand new budget for your client, and you really don't know where to start, a study like this, the case study from Socialinsider, is a great place for you to gather some information, create a small budget, test month one based on these data points, and then see if this holds true for the industry that your client is in. Right?

Then you can go from there. You can get, create your own data points, do your own testing, and move forward. I just wanted to show you these amazing case studies. I totally rely on Socialinsider to keep me up to date on trends. What's happening? Where should I be spending my money? Where should I be? What kind of content should I be creating?


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