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How To Grab Your Video Audience's Attention

Do You Want More Eyeballs On Your Video Content?

Here is a riddle: What is better than creating super great video content?

Answer: Reaching a ton of people with that super great content!

Right?! Right!

Because let's be honest - even if your content is great - no one is going to know that, or care about it, if no one knows it exists!

"It's not the best content that wins. It's the best promoted content that wins"

How does one go about doing that? That is pretty much the question I set out to find answers to.

🔴 How (and when!) should someone grab their video audience's attention?

I went to some of my fellow social media marketers, my friends, to get this question answered. Last week I invited three friends on my No Fear Video LIVE show to give it to me, LIVE! ⬇️ Watch the replay of the Facebook LIVE show ⬇️

Meet Expert Social Media Marketers Who Love Video! I asked all of our guests the same question:

How (and when!) should someone grab their video audience's attention?

Here are their answers.


Jeff Sieh is host of the Manly Pinterest Tips show and podcast and is also a member of the social team at Social Media Examiner.

Jeff Sieh of the Manly Pinterest Tips Show

Here are Jeff's tips on how (and when) you should grab your video audience's attention. 1. Create a backdrop to fit your brand. People will start to recognize you and your videos.

2. Wear something consistent (a beard, glasses, type of shirt, colors) for that same reason.

3. Welcome people to the 'replay' of your video when going LIVE. Many more people watch replays then watch LIVE video. Make those people feel welcome immediately.

4. Grab attention right at the beginning of your broadcast.

"Bam, come out of the gate with a question or solving their problem".

5. Acknowledge people in the comments when you are LIVE.


Kristen Daukas is the Digital and Social Media Marketing Director for Atlantic Webworks and a crusader for helping parents understand what their kids are doing online.

Kristen Daukas of Atlantic Webworks

Here are Kristen's tips on how (and when) you should grab your video audience's attention.

1. Start with a little teaser. Think about your audience's pain point and how you can solve it.

2. Use props! 3. Vary where you are sitting, depending on what you are recording; clean up clutter and remove distractions.

4. When recording a series - keep either background OR outfit consistent, not both! If you have the same background and outfit, people might not realize there is more than one video!

5. "Don't be concerned about perfect. Done is better than perfect."


Jessika Phillips is the founder of Now Marketing Group, magnet marketers and the relationship marketing system. Jessika focuses on relationships ROI - helping businesses focus on growing repeat and referral business using inbound marketing.

Jessika Phillips of Now Marketing Group

Here are Jessika's tips on how (and when) you should grab your video audience's attention.

1. Let people know about your video before you go LIVE. Know your target audience, know whom you want to reach, and promote it to those people.

2. Promote your LIVE video a week in advance.

3. Find advocates who can help you share the video - look to your Facebook groups and your colleagues for taking that advocate role.

4. Lighting and sound matters! Video quality is important because people will not watch a video that's too dark or with poor sound.

5. Start your video with a question about what they're going to learn.


Christian Karasiewicz is the founder of Social Chefs, a social media agency which provides fast, professional training on social media marketing for all types of businesses.

Christian Karasiewicz of Social Chefs

Christian joined me as a special guest right at the end of the show! Here are Christian's tips on how (and when) you should grab your video audience's attention.

1. Schedule your LIVE up to seven days ahead of time on Facebook.

2. Create a Facebook event for your LIVE show and utilize your personal connections by tapping into your Facebook profile, inviting your friends to the event. This gives social proof to your video (friends see friends attend the event) and will notify people when the video starts.

3. Create a series of branded graphics to promote your video, including a preroll graphic.

4. Greet your audience by name on your Facebook LIVE.


How I Grab My Video Audience's Attention There is no way I couldn't chime in myself. Here are MY tips for grabbing attention, and getting more eyeballs on your video content!

Dorie Morin-van Dam of More In Media

1. Promote your video with a good graphics, describing what you will be talking about and who your guest is - with pictures of your guest - alongside the date and time of the LIVE!

2. Cross promote your video on other platforms before, during and after the LIVE broadcast.

3. Invite a guest on your Facebook LIVE and ask them to help promote the video. Provide graphics as described in tip #1.

4. Tag your guests in your promotional posts and once the video goes LIVE. You will reach more people that way.

5. Use props and movement. Be funny. Move around. Do something crazy. Be your authentic self and don't forget to smile, a lot!


Tune in Fridays at 10 AM (EST) on my Facebook Profile to watch the No Fear Video LIVE show ... LIVE! If you miss an episode, there will be a replay available, or come back to the blog for a recap round up, like this post. If you are interested in being a guest on the show, just send me a quick introductory email.

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