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Will Audio Strike Down Video? An Epic Battle!

What Entices You To Watch a Video?

Everyone has a different reason for (initially) BEING ATTRACTED TO A VIDEO! Whether you

  • know the show's host

  • know the show's guest

  • are a fan of the show

  • get sucked in by the props

  • like the branding

  • are interested in the topic

  • were enticed by the headline

  • found it by accident or a search

  • saw a friend share it

No matter which way you found the video - once you are watching, two* things will most likely put you off and make you stop watching the video. *actually lots of things will put people off, but today we are discussing bad audio vs. bad video

Bad Audio and Bad Video Both Suck!

So what's a social media expert to do?

Pick one - audio or video - and defend it!

Are You Ready For an Epic Battle?

[This was a GREAT episode! If you have time, do watch the video of the show - each guest had so much to say; more than I could recap below!]

⬇️ Watch the replay of the Facebook Live show ⬇️​

Meet Expert Social Media Marketers Who Love Video! I asked all of my guests the same question:

"For marketing videos, what is more important; good audio or good video?"


Avi Arya is a street car racer turned hotelier now founder at Internet Moguls.

Here is Avi's stand on audio vs video:

On audio - Some people are comfortable showing their own voice. Think podcasts. Avi is convinced that smart cars of the future will have podcasting ability.

On video - Gary V. posts 44 times a day - the world is still so big, get your message across by being on every platform possible.

Both video and audio are important!

Tell your own story - this can be a video or a podcast! Do what you are comfortable with.

🔴 Avi calls it a TIE!


Steph Nissen is the Director of Digital at Atomic Revenue in St. Louis where she manages the marketing operations program and builds digital marketing strategies specializing in social media, SEO, and content marketing.

Here is Steph's stand on audio vs video:

My heart belongs to video!

Most people (85%) watch videos with the sound turned off. For marketing videos, video is very important.

Captions are an amazing tool. For example the 'Tasty' videos have no sound and are amazingly impactful and tremendously popular, and have millions of views.

🔴 Steph takes the side of VIDEO


Jeff DeHaven CEO of Digital Mitten has been in the industry for 14 years. Over the years, Jeff has served as president of Social Media Club, VP of Social Media Association of Michigan, produces Michigan's largest social media conference, podcast producer and was even able to get his entire wedding sponsored via social media.

Here is Jeff's stand on audio vs video:

They work together!

In order to make social media great again, you need both. You will likely get more exposure on video than audio; I always get far more views on my videos than listeners on my Podcasts, even if I discuss the same topic. Therefore, in order to get more use out of the audio, you can repurpose the audio from your video into a Podcast of audio Facebook Live video Facebook.

🔴 Jeff calls it a TIE!


Introducing Amanda Webb from Spiderworking - The No Nonsense Guide To Digital Marketing for Small Business.

Here is Amanda's stand on audio vs video:

Let's start with sound - Traditionally, sound is really important for video.

"If you can't see and the sound is ok, you'll keep watching. If you can't hear but the visual is ok, you will stop because you can't follow the story."

However, with Facebook Live and online videos, there has been a shift. People do now watch videos with the sound off. We can use subtitles, and this might shift importance to visuals.

People also use sound for educational videos (recipes, how-tos, webinars etc) while they work - as long as you can listen, you can absorb the content and as a marketer, make impact.

Talking visuals - Silent movies can be used to tell good stories! Using props can be useful as well. Not everyone is a good storyteller though; not all silent movies are good.

After some thought and talking it out on air...

🔴 Amanda takes the side of AUDIO


Christian Karasiewicz is the founder of Social Chefs, a social media agency which provides fast, professional training on social media marketing for all types of businesses.

Here is Christian's stand on audio vs video:

They are both important.

Audio is most important Scenario: Live broadcast video is bad, but audio is good; audience stays.

Live broadcast audio is bad, audience leaves!

Side note: WiFi is important: If your Wifi connection is bad you will have both bad video and bad audio.

For YouTube videos - audio is most important!

Conclusion; audio is important because when your audience is in a place where they can not consume video content, they can still plug in a headset and consume the audio portion of the video!

🔴 Christian takes the side of AUDIO


Of course I have something to say as well!

Dorien says...

Before you pick what you think is most important;

Know your audience! Know your passion!

Whether you emphasize audio and create podcasts or emphasize video and make silent movies and do Facebook Live shows, knowing your audience will guarantee the content is well received by those you want to reach.

Build your online community for their needs and wants, not yours.

Side note - if you think your audience 'demands' video and you are not comfortable with it at all, it will not work. (You can work on getting comfortable though!) Same goes for those starting a podcast because 'everyone is doing one and I think my audience wants it'; if you are not passionate about the medium you use, it will not succeed!


Tune in Fridays at 10 AM (EST) on my Facebook Profile to watch the No Fear Video LIVE show ... LIVE! If you miss an episode, there will be a replay available on YouTube, or come back to the blog for a recap round up, like this post. If you are interested in being a guest on the show, just send me a quick introductory email.

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