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As seen at INBOUND, Social Media Week Lima and Content Marketing Conference.

#INBOUND22 Session Handout

"Agile means responding to change instead of just following a plan"

"The first thing you need to 'do' agile, is learn to 'be' agile! Agility starts with an agile mindset."

"Agile marketing teams report having more confidence, psychological safety, working to their potential, learning together and growing their skills."

"Agile marketers can adapt an agile framework that works for them, picking practices that work for their team."

Interested in learning more about agile marketing? Send an email to to find out how we can work together. If you are ready to dive in, I highly recommend the Agile Foundations course that changed my business. I am confident it will help you gain an understanding of all things agile. ⬇️

Agile Foundations:
Intro for All Things Agile for Marketers

Whether you are a social media professional, content creator or digital marketer, agile will improve the way you and your team work together. Agile teams foster confidence, psychological safety and learning together among their members, while team members report being able to work to their potential and growing new skills.

Before you learn more about Agile Marketing, I highly recommend 'Agile Foundations'!

Agile Training That Works

What's Covered:

  • Agile history, origin & mindset

  • Scrum artifacts, events & roles

  • Collaboration & communication techniques

  • Capturing and prioritizing customer feedback

  • Managing the flow of work with Kanban

  • Agile engineering & continuous integration


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