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3 Twitter List Secrets You Need To Know Right Now

It’s no secret I love Twitter. Twitter is a great platform for content curating, information gathering, audience building, connecting and much, much more and Twitter lists are a great tool in doing all of it. I’ve dug deeper and deeper into Twitter and I’ve come up with 3 Twitter list secrets I know will benefit you and your efforts today. Without much further ado… 3 Twitter List Secret You Need To Know Right Now

1) You can list people without following them. I have used this in several ways and you can, too! a) For research purposes for clients or yourself: gather information on several subjects and find Twitter accounts with great content and put them all in a list. By creating a list, you’ve now created a separate feed of tweets and Twitter accounts you can access at will, not all the time and automatically. Those tweets won’t be clogging your regular Twitter stream. b) To monitor your competition (or your teen): Put them in a separate list for quick access to their latest tweets and updates.

2) You can list people on private lists without them knowing you’ve listed them and without having to follow them. This is a great use of Twitter lists if you want to monitor without giving yourself away. Nothing like keeping an eye on the competition or the ‘big boys’, right?

3) You can remove yourself from any list you are listed on.

To find out who has listed you, go to your Twitter account. Click on ‘me’ and then on ‘lists’. Once there, click on ‘member of’ and you will see who has listed you and in what list. If you happen to be put on a not-so-flattering list (named ‘Jerks’ or ‘Dumb Competitors’ or ‘Crazies’ for example) or mislabeled list (named ‘Social Media Managers’ if you are a blogger, or ‘Dentists’ when you are a Pediatrician, for example) you can easily remove yourself from that list. →

Click on the list you want to remove yourself from and find the owner of the list. (s/he is listed at the top left) Click on their full profile and ‘block’ them. That will remove you from the list. If you want to never again be listed by them, leave them blocked. Someone who is blocked by you can not list you. If you don’t care either way, you can unblock them. You will still be removed from that one list, but can still be followed or be relisted by that person. YOUR TURN: Are you using Twitter Lists yet?

Do you have any additional questions about Twitter lists?

Is there a favorite Twitter list you can share with me? (leave a link in the comments and I will go check out your list!) I hope these 3 Twitter List Tips were helpful to your Twitter management. If you like to know more about Twitter, or other social media platforms, tools and news, subscribe to my email list. Just enter your email in the box on the top right corner of this page and you are all set. Dorien

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