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How To Schedule a Facebook Group Post

Facebook group post scheduling

Facebook UPDATE: Facebook Group Scheduling Now Possible in Facebook Group!

Until today, if you were an admin of your Facebook group and you wanted to schedule a post to that group, you needed to use a third party app.

Using a tool to schedule a post hasn't been a big deal for me, however, it was just one extra step to take - something that people who aren't social media or tech savvy might see as a barrier!

My favorite scheduling tools?

I have used Buffer and AgoraPulse for years myself, to schedule posts on different social media platforms, as well as to schedule posts to my Facebook groups.

Today, as I logged on the Facebook I found a NEW FEATURE!

You can now schedule your Facebook group posts natively, right in your groups!

🔴 This feature, of course, only works if you are an admin to the group! 🔴

Check out these pictures I took. This first one shows where the option to schedule your posts should pop up. See that little clock? Click it!

Facebook Group post scheduled

Once you click the clock, you can chose a time and date for your post to be published!

Just like on your Facebook Pages you can schedule your pages posts natively, you can now schedule your Facebook Group posts right in your groups! How cool is that?

Once you have your post scheduled to your group, it will show up only for you as the admin, right in the feed. No one else can see your scheduled posts - unless they have admin right to the group, that is.

Native Facebook Group Scheduler

You can even edit your scheduled posts, if you make a mistake - or if you want to reschedule the publishing time!

Edit your scheduled Facebook group post

Check out this new Facebook feature - it works just like scheduling posts on Facebook pages!

I am beyond excited that I do not have to use a third party app anymore to schedule a Facebook group post!

Are you as excited as I am?

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