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How to Get more Engagement and Better Reach for Your Facebook Page Content

Is your social media content not resonating with your audience?

Are your Facebook Page posts just… flat?

Does no one respond, engage, ask questions?

It might be time to revisit your social media content strategy for your Facebook Page.

Let’s explore how you can get more engagement and better reach for your Facebook Page content!

Here are nine ways to take action immediately as these are easy-to-implement tips!

1 Offer Value or Entertainment

First and foremost, you either need to offer value or instantly offer entertainment.

Your mission as a social media manager is to ‘stop the scroll’.

A visual piece of content will do the same thing as a great headline for an email or blog article does: spark curiosity! A curious audience member will stop, read, look and watch (a video)!

Before posting, always check: am I offering something my audience wants?

2 Stop the Stock photo Fest

Want to stand out?

Invest in great photography.

Stop (re)using the photos everyone else uses.

To be unique you have to create unique images. Stop it already.

3 Create Engageable Content: Ask for Opinions

Ask questions: ask for opinions!

  • This or That

  • Yes or No

  • Like or Dislike

  • 1, 2, 3 or 4

When you ask questions and ask for an opinion people will engage!

People are passionate about pineapple on pizza, brussels sprouts, and cilantro, just to names some examples. Not a foodie audience?

Hone in on what they ARE passionate about and involve your audience in picking something!

  • Book Cover

  • Art opinions

  • Local restaurant

  • Best local attraction

  • Kid-friendly beaches

You get the idea! Ask, and you shall receive (engagement!)

4 Target the Right Audience

The consumer of your product is not always the buyer!

Read that again.

Kids play soccer, but the moms sign them up.

Teenagers want trendy clothes, but the parents foot the bill.

Elderly might need a panic button, but an adult child will order the device.

Know who you need to talk to.

Be clear. Concise. On target!

5 Experiment with Copy Format + Voice

  • Long-form content

  • Short-form content

  • Content with emojis

  • Create paragraphs

  • Quotes


Test out what copy format and what tone of voice works!

Business pages without personality won't get engagement.

Just saying!

Add some spark. Add personality. Add character.

Talk like you’d talk to a customer on the phone!

Be real!

6 Test New Types of Content

  • Videos

  • Carousels

  • Images

  • Albums

  • Lives

  • Stories

  • Links

Facebook Pages offer a variety of content types!

Then add infographics, audiograms and page shares to the mix to create new content that wows. You don’t know what your audience wants until you serve it!

If it ‘sticks the landing’, serve more!

7 Evaluate Rhythm and Timing of your Content

How often do you post on your Facebook page and when do you post?

Not being consistent, not posting at the right time and not posting often enough, or too often, will influence how the algorithm serves your content to its audience!

Timing is also important when looking at comments and engagement. Early commenting will push the content forward to more people!

8 Call To Action

Tell your audience what to do!

I see so many posts that are funny, hilarious even.

I watch a video. I laugh. And I leave.

Unless I am asked for the ‘like’, ‘share’, or ‘tag a friend’ I might forget. I dismiss it.

Get in the habit of telling your audience what’s next!

Here are some ideas:

  • Shop now

  • Sign up

  • Watch more

  • Click here

  • Learn more

  • View now

  • Subscribe

  • Comment below

  • Your thoughts?

  • Share!

  • Give us a thumbs up

  • Tag a friend

9 Research and Update Your Strategy Consistently

It goes without saying you should have a solid social media content strategy, but you also need to be able to pivot, quickly.

Social media is an ever-changing, fast-paced industry where new platforms and new features are released at a neck-breaking pace.

Stay up to date on trends, the latest news and test and implement new features.

Organic Facebook Reach is Not Dead!

In case you are wondering, I love everything organic social media.

It's not dead, in fact, it is alive and well. Learn more about organic social media in these articles I wrote for the Social Media Pulse Community by AgoraPulse.

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