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11 Useful Tips To Make Your Next Marketing Video The Best Ever

Fear Is All Consuming

In 2010 my husband and I took our four kids on an adventure trip to Costa Rica. While we were there, we took the time to do some zip-lining. Of course everyone loved the experience of flying high over the treetops, everyone that is, except me. I have acrophobia. I have an irrational fear of heights. I was OK with the whole zip-lining experience when I could not see the ground below; I was sort of lying to myself. But once that last line came into view and I realized I had to fly on a 1000+ meter line across a valley, I lost it and was overcome with fear. This irrational fear was all consuming. My body became stiff, unmovable. My heart started racing. My thoughts were jumbled. My hands clammy. My feet were glued to the platform and an all-consuming voice in my head screamed - DANGER, DANGER, DANGER.

Cameras Bring Out Fear!

You'd be surprised, but then again, maybe you wouldn't be, with the number of people I meet who are afraid of being in front of the camera and experience that same fear I experienced in Costa Rica each time they have to appear in front of a camera. I have been coaching my social media marketing clients on this very topic, getting them in front of the camera as often as I can to create marketing videos for their social channels and their websites. I've been successful with those willing to try and I am now working with several small business owners to get them in front of the camera, too. In a recent talk at ConvergeSouth, I gave 10 tips (plus one bonus tip) on how to get started with video marketing.

I am ready to share the tips with you as well!

Here Are 11 Useful Tips To Help You Get Started With Video Marketing

Use the tools you already have; your Smartphone, selfie stick, head phones and apps.

Pick one type of video, and master it, before moving on.


Practice makes perfect! Record. Replay, Delete. Repeat!

Plan your topic, write a script, create bullets but leave room for spontaneity.

Record a series of videos in one day; you only need to prep once!

Find a partner! Interview someone so you're not alone.

Share stories, teach something or support a cause and above all be yourself on camera.

Use props.

Start with recorded videos first. Then move on to live broadcasting once you are comfortable.

Avoid perfectionism at all costs. It will stop you in your tracks. What is stopping you from recording your first video?

Is it technology?

Your appearance?

Are you afraid to look silly? Worried about not being taken seriously? Let me know in the comments what you are afraid of!

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