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What Is a Vision Statement?

A vision statement is a written document that explains the vision of the business or organization to help guide, inspire, and implement solutions, thus fulfilling the mission at hand. A well throughout and written vision statement helps a business or organization prepare for the future.

It provides a concrete way for everyone involved in the business, at all levels, to understand the purpose and meaning of the business. A vision statement also describes long-term goals and a ‘vision’ of a desired future outcome.

Who Needs a Vision Statement?

New ventures and start-up businesses need a vision statement, but existing businesses and organizations who never took the time to create a vision statement previously, could also greatly benefit from creating such a document.

What Does a Vision Statement Look Like?

A vision statement is a short document that explains where this business or organization is headed.

It’s a document that states long-term goals and objectives, much like a strategic plan. The goal is to help employees and stakeholders visualize that same vision as they work in the business or organization.

What is a Vision Statement Exactly?

A vision statement can be explained in many different ways.

A vision statement is a

  • Guiding light

  • Aspiration to greatness

  • Business document

  • Roadmap to where the company wants to go

A vision statement once accepted by all becomes an internal communications tool that helps align and inspire your team to reach the company's goals.

Who Will be Writing the Vision Statement?

Vision statements are often a product of collaboration. This could be between the business owner, board members, or senior management, and sometimes even employees.

Difference Between Mission and Vision Statements

A vision statement looks to the fulfillment of the purpose of the business as mentioned in the mission statement.

A vision statement looks to the future, a mission statement helps you concentrate on the here and now of the business.

How to Create a Vision Statement

A vision statement is created step by step with the input of several leaders from within the company or organization. Creating a vision statement can not be outsourced and should not be confused with a mission statement.

The core objective in creating a vision statement is to lay out a clear path or roadmap, to an imagined future of excellence to inspire people within the business or organization to greatness!

How To Use a Vision Statement

Vision statements are often on display on websites as well as in employee handbooks. A vision statement can be used to encourage and remind employees to provide excellent customer service, offer solutions for environmental excellence, or create a better everyday workspace for all.

A vision statement should be revisited yearly and updated when needed.

A change in leadership often offers an opportunity to provide a new or updated vision statement.

Last Words About Your Vision Statement

This document should inspire and encourage people to think big. It’s a way to see beyond the everyday grind of running a business or organization and instead, focus on the bigger picture and the future, not every day-to-day issue that comes along.

If you want to learn more about creating a mission statement, read this.

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