Social Media

Strategy starts with a written plan

Where would your business be right now if you had a roadmap to success? 

A social media strategic plan is a tool to figure out how social fits in with your other online marketing efforts, which KPIs social media will impact, and it helps decide on the appropriate investment of resources in social for your brands. 

What is a social media plan?

This written document, this roadmap to social media success, should always be based upon several in-depth research projects to pull together data needed to make recommendations for a specific brand, industry and geographical location.

Research includes:

  • An audit of all current online market efforts - as they relate to social media

  • Market research to see what’s working among other businesses in a specific industry right now.

  • Competitive analysis & comparison findings - a Strategic Plan - a combination of the results of our research, known best practices and our unique ideas to set any brand apart from their competition.

WHO NEEDS A social media StRATEGIC plan?

Any brand, organization or local business who wants to:

  • grow an audience

  • sell products or services 

  • receive community support

  • connect with online customers

  • network with other businesses

  • support local organizations

  • offer a memorable buying experience  

...should have a social media strategic plan. 

Profits don't come to those who wish, but to those who work for it! 

The best content in the world won't drive revenue if nobody sees it.

A written plan is essential to social media success.


Planning allows you to think 'strategic' and 'long-term'.

Growth should be organic and authentic to be sustainable. 

Finding your brand voice is essential.

Content marketing plan

A social media strategy report should include both how social media can help reach overall objectives as well as a daily plan for implementation.


A strategic report will help anyone understand:

  1. Which platforms are best to use for a specific industry

  2. What actions to take on those platforms to reach a target audience

  3. How to measure the results + optimize on the go.

Uniquely, a social media strategic plan will map out both organic and paid strategies and tactics.

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