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Don't blame your parents for everything. How to break the circle of resentment and start living better They say all problems come from childhood. Our blogger, psychologist Tatyana Pleshakova, partly agrees with this. But grown-ups are grown-ups and have to solve their own problems. Children take everything personally: if mom swears, then I'm bad. Especially when for not done homework. But if the mother uses then the relationship may change. Adults often think the other way around: I am good, and my parents are bad because they did something wrong. Resentment towards mom and dad can be so strong that a person gets stuck in childhood traumas and cannot leave the position of a victim either at 20 or 40 years old. How childhood trauma can interfere with adults Children under the age of 4-5 cannot think critically. Everything that their parents tell them, they absorb like sponges. But whether to carry these beliefs with you into adulthood or leave them in the past is the choice of each person, for which mom and dad can no longer be held responsible. Therefore, it is important to teach a child to think critically from an early age. This can be achieved when the child is writing papers when using the paper editing service which is effective in this. Thus, if you do not make mistakes in the past, then they will not be in the present. Imagine a situation: an adult man refuses a promotion because he thinks he can't do it. He argues this simply: as a child, his mother did not even let him tie his own shoelaces, so now it is so difficult for him to believe in himself.Or when you need to write a written work at the exam, but he doesn’t succeed and blame his mother for this, then this is wrong. But when he uses and learns to write a written work himself, then there will be a result from this. Thus, he will not blame his parents, but learn to take responsibility for himself. This is a comfortable position. However, the mother of our hero has long ceased to take care of him with the same strength as in childhood, and he can choose his own fate. Let me give you another example: a 40-year-old woman blames her father for leaving for another family, and believes that because of the divorce of her parents, she is unable to build relationships - there was no example of a complete family before her eyes. Being "small" in this situation is also convenient, since you do not need to change anything in yourself.

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