4 Crazy Tips To Get Fired Up About Content Creation

Creating Content Consistently is Hard!

If you are a small business owner, creating new content for your business to publish and post to your website and social media is ... hard!

Sometimes you feel time is better spend on other tasks like

  • paying bills

  • managing employees

  • ordering new product

  • dealing with vendors

  • seeking out new sponsors

just to name a few tasks that will take your time day after day!

Reality is though, that if you don't market your business, and if you put no time, effort and money into marketing, your leads will dry up and your business will fail.

Maybe not tomorrow.

Or next month.

Maybe not even next year.

But eventually your audience will change, and you will need to find new leads.

Social Media is a Great Marketing Tool

Notice I didn't say social media is the best marketing tool, or the only marketing tool. Social media is a great marketing tool if used in conjunction with other marketing efforts!

Social media gives you leads, not sales. If there is already so much content online, the next question come to mind:

Why do you need to create your own content?

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Creating Your Own Content is Important

  1. branding - grow your brand and become recognizable offline and online

  2. messaging - be in charge of what your customers learn. Educate and entertain your audience

  3. audience - target the right people wit the right messages

  4. web traffic - original content leads to more web traffic

  5. influence - be the thought leader in your industry

Sharing curated (other people's) content can be part of your overall marketing strategy, yet creating your own content builds brand authority and isn't that the goal of marketing; becoming the authority in your industry/space?

Keeping it real here...

HOW do you get (and stay) motivated to create content?

Even the professional content creators get stuck sometimes. We do it day in day out and even though we might have great ideas, implementing the ideas and executing the creating part isn't always on top of our list.

Therefore I've put together my most successful content creation hacks.

4 Content Creation Hacks to Get Fired Up About!

1. Caffeine Try caffeinating yourself to get you ready for content creation; if chocolate and coffee aren't your thing, find something that will do the same! Meditation or exercise - whatever it is; you need a sharp and focused mind to create content!

2. Connect

When you feel unmotivated, call or message a friend! Have a meaningful exchange; a friendly chit-chat or a deep conversation. Connecting with a like-minded individual who understands you is invaluable to getting yourself motivated to take action!

3. Channel

When you are stuck on what to create or produce, think about everything in life that gives your life meaning; channel your passion and effort! Where lies your passion, what do you love to do, eat, read, watch and who do like to hang with?

4. Challenge

Without goals, you are just wishing. Set content goals and add tasks to your calendar! Only then, when you take content creation seriously, will it become an important task in your work week!

Ready To Learn More About Creating Content?

I've teamed up with Christine Gritmon, a fellow social media consultant and strategist who also serves local small businesses, much like I do at More In Media.

We are producing a 3-day challenge of 'How To Social' on Feb. 5-7, 2019 followed by two free webinars!

We’ve got a three-level strategy to help you dominate your content marketing in 2019!

You can do it - we’ll show you how!

3-Day How to Social Challenge

Kickstarting your content strategy for 2019 with three easy, actionable to-do items and an active online community to support you on your journey. Connect with fellow small business owners who are facing the same challenges you are, exchange ideas, and give/receive encouragement - we’re all in the same boat!

Free Webinar

What is “content strategy”? How do you use it? We’ll talk about the many different content types you can create and what works best on each social media platform in 2019 so that you can focus on what’s best for you, your audience, and your business goals.

Paid Webinar

This is where the good stuff is! We’ll dig deep into how best to reach your own local audience (hint: it’s not ONLY about social media!), how to create an authentic and sustainable online brand, and how to get your message out there to your target audience most effectively - for as little money (and time!) as possible.

What Is How To Social? We’re two small-local-business, social-media-loving digital marketing strategists who have joined forces to bring you the best content marketing knowledge we have to offer. We work with busy small business owners just like you, day in, day out. We know your pain points - and how to help you past them. We will teach you how to conquer the never-ending demand for social media content once and for all with real-life examples, actionable tips and easy-to-duplicate strategies, built around your busy schedule. Dorien Morin-van Dam has been working with small business owners since 2011, supporting them in their quest for online brand recognition, viable leads and content creation. Dorien is a social media consultant, trainer and keynote speaker. She is a regularly featured expert on CBS where she shares social media strategies, live video tips and the marketing news for businesses. You'll recognize Dorien online and on-stage by her signature orange glasses, a nod to her Dutch heritage.

Christine Gritmon helps small, local businesses be less intimidated by social media so that they can take better advantage of the incredible community-generating opportunities these platforms offer - all with an eye towards strategy, efficiency, and, most of all, personality! Christine loves public speaking, group workshops and training sessions, as well as working one-on-one to help over-stressed small business owners realize that they CAN do it! She’s easy to spot in a crowd by the bright-red ends of her hair (and the selfie light on her ever-present iPhone).

Are you ready to learn?

Get started here.

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