The Best Video Marketing Tip Ever!

What is The Best Way To Get Started with Video Marketing?

It's so simple!

You would think that with all the technology people already have in their home, they would know how to create cheap (read: free) videos with the one TOOL they own.

As a speaker, I have this one joke I repeat on stage when I talk about video marketing. It goes like this.

"If I were a betting woman, I’d put my money on the smartphone to be the one item everyone in this room not only owns - but has with them today. Then again, I might lose this bet to ...underwear, since statistics tell me that more of you in this room have their smartphone with them, than are wearing their underwear today!"

I show a picture of underwear just as I mention that word and often it gets not just chuckles, but some good old belly laughs!

Smartphone Video Marketing Is Easy!

Check out this video - I explain why using your smartphone for video marketing is just... brilliant.

Caution: watching this clip might make your crave pistachios!

If you are hungry after watching this video clip, don't blame me!

Smart Tip: Use The Tools You Own To Start Creating Videos!

Why not use the tools you already own to start creating awesome video, meaning:

Use your

  • smartphone for recording

  • headset as a remote for your phone

  • iPad as a teleprompter

  • free iMove or Moviemaker to edit videos

  • books or up-side-down laundry basket to hold your phone

  • outdoor setting and lighting for best video and audio results

Grab Your Smartphone and Record Yourself!

The thing is, most people I know already take videos of their friends, their pets, their kids and spouse. Why not turn the camera on yourself and start recording videos to tell the world about your business?

Stay tuned here for more video marketing tips and easy-to-implement ways to get past your fear of the camera. Together, we can!

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